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Multilanguage interpreter
Andrzej Zacharski is a native of Poland and originally came to Tokyo about 10 years ago to study Japanese culture. He graduated from Japanese university, with the speciality in Japanese language.

His natural talent for learning foreign languages has led him to work as multilingual interpreter for various international organizations. For the past few years he has been co-operating closely with the Embassy of Poland in Tokyo, as well as with the Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan.

He has experience in teaching martial arts in several languages as well as the languages themselves. His background in sports competition is reflected in the clarity, strength and confidence of his voice.

Andrzej can be seen in 2004 top-ranked Japanese movie "Otosan-no Backdrop", as well as 2009 hit movie "Hagetaka".

Languages: Polish, English, Japanese, Russian, German
Currently studying: Portuguese

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Japanese interpreter
  • Private company - market research
    - Tokyo-Osaka, Japan
  • Tourist group visiting Japan
    - Okinawa
  • Business group visiting Tokyo
    - Tokyo, Japan
  • Tourist group visiting Japan
    - Tokyo-Nikko-Kyoto-Nara-Hiroshima
  • European Karate Summer Camp 2012
    - Cracow, Poland